Aaron and Joseph Zarate Scholarship Award

                                                Scholarship Application Form 

Applicant’s Full Name________________________________________  High School_______________

Student lives with:     parent/s___ legal guardian___ other___

Home address____________________________________________________
                                                                     City             State            zip

Home Ph____-__________     Cell Ph___-________ Email_________________

Male___ Female___    GPA___ Please enclose official transcript

Name of community college, university or tech school_______________________________

                                                                        City             State            zip      phone #
Admitted: Yes___ No___ 

Subject area/major you plan to study after High School_______________________

Payment of monetary award will be made in the recipients name to the school of their choice and must be used within the first year following graduation. To receive funds, recipient agrees to submit school information and proof of enrollment to address below no later than October 31 of year scholarship is awarded. I understand that if I am awarded this scholarship I may be interviewed and/or must attend award ceremony (date TBA) 

Certification and Signature: I certify that all the information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. All application materials becomes property of Aaron and Joseph Zarate Scholarship. I hereby give my permission for a photo or likeness to be used of me in promotional material.

 Parent or Guardian_____________________________________ Date___________
Parent/Guardian  signature not required if student is 18+

Student______________________________________________ Date___________

For all Criteria information please visit www.aaronzaratescholarship.com

Completed Application and all information must be postmarked
 no later than May 05 
Return completed application and all required information with Essay to: 
Zarate Memorial Scholarship
  4902 99th St SW 
 Mukilteo WA 98275

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REVISED 4/2015